Iron Kingdoms D&D

Your mission, should you choose to accept it

Lady Mayor Rohessa Rainecourt and High Prelate Garrett Strivelyn summon Darian Finnian, Durgan Roane, Flynn Sheridan, Killian Dunne, Lisbeth Kildair, Skrilkke to The King’s Castle in King’s Vine for an audience.

They have a task for those gathered: there is a plague affecting the village of Winston, east of Ternon Crag. A cure has been developed and a group is needed to escort the cure to Winston.

There have been reports of raiders in Winston, and there is always the threat of bandits or Khadoran attack, so the group will also travel with a squad of Cygnaran Trenchers. The fastest way to Winston is by train, so the group will set off the next day by rail.

The group of civilians onboard are enjoying a leisurely voyage when one of them hears an explosion from several cars behind them. When they look out the window, they can see smoke billowing from one of the cars near the caboose.

One of them goes to talk to the leader of the Trenchers, Lt. Mallus Ashcroft. He fears a bandit or Khadoran attack, so while he gathers his men, he instructs the others to go back and investigate.

Skigg What they find is that a number of skiggs have infested the train and are eating the gunpowder also on the train.

It turns out that if a skigg is struck after eating gunpowder, it can explode.

The group managed to clear up the skigg infestation with minimal damage to the train, or to the remaining store of gunpowder. Lt. Ashcroft gave the group a reward for their efforts.

The Trenchers and the group pull safely in to Winston, to deliver the cure the village desperately needs.


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