Iron Kingdoms D&D

Trollkin do the darndest things

The group was told to check in with local priest Arias Reinheart and deliver the cure to him. The group can easily see which building is the local church of Morrow, so they set out.

On the way, Skrilkke decides to stop and have his boots repaired. Apparently, using them as brakes while on a train can cause damage. Who knew? Skrilkke intimidates the cobbler, Lucky Gregor’s Cobblery, into repairing his boots for free.

Killian Dunne stops at Blacky’s Blacksmithy to look at procuring new tools.

After reaching the church and speaking with Father Reinheart, the group unloads the crates of cure into a corner of the church’s lot. Father Reinheart suggests the group find lodging at the local inn, The Broken Cog. They are also introduced to Medic St. Clair, who will show them the way to the inn.

While on the way to The Broken Cog, the group notices some men apparently digging in the local graveyard. Thinking this is out of the ordinary, the group confronts the men, who say they were told to dig a grave for a plague victim. The group remembers being told that plague victims were to be burned, not buried, so as to prevent the plague from spreading. After some “discussion,” the group attacks the men and knocks most out them out, but killing one of them.

After a search of the men, symbols of Thamar are located. This is very troubling to the group. They decide to take the men back to the local constable, Dillon Wurter. and turn them in.

However, when they get back to the cart with their belongings, they discover that some of their provisions and equipment are missing. With some diligent tracking, some footprints are discovered, leading back into town.

The group decides to split into two groups: one group will track down and attempt to locate those who stole their equipment and the other group will bring the cart into town and turn in the alleged Thamarites and graverobbers.

Darian Finnian is easily able to track the individuals, and as they get close to town, he discovers that a group of kids is behind the theft. He, Durgan Roane, and Flynn Sheridan manage to catch the kids, burdened with tools, equipment, and provisions. After some struggle, one of the kids is captured and interrogated (at gunpoint by Flynn). The kid tells them that Papa has organized some of the kids into a group and has asked them to steal valuable items and turn them in to him. In return, he gives them food.

The rest of the group arrives in town and is brought up to speed. The alleged Thamarites and graverobbers are turned in. Skrilkke goes back to Lucky Gregor’s to find that Gregor has called in the town guard to complain about Skrilkke’s behavior.

They then all go to locate this Papa, who they find out is the local butcher. He has a place in town, and they decide to visit, only to learn that he is closed for the day.

Skrilkke decides to break in and look around. He manages to get in quietly enough, but when he locates a safe and attempts to remove it, he makes a great deal of noise.

He does manage to free the same from the floor where it was bolted and leave the building. A man standing outside one of the other stores notices him and calls for the guards. As the guards are several streets away and Skrilkke is strong enough to easily carry the safe, he manages to elude the guards and meet the others at The Broken Cog.

Safely at the inn, the group discusses what they have discovered and makes plans to “talk” to Papa in the morning. They also open the safe to find some gold candle sticks as well as some gold, and an ornate dagger. They decide to place some of the items back in the safe along with a note, and to drop this off at the constable, hoping to implicate Papa in some nefarious doings.


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